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Printing via CLI One method would be to use html2ps. $ html2ps http://example.com/file.html | lpr -or- $ html2ps http://example.com/file.html | lp -d someprinter Saving to PDF As an added bonus if you just want to keep it as a PDF file you can use ps2pdf like so: $ html2ps http://example.com/file.html | ps2pdf - somfile.pdf References Print a ...


This how you can install java manually: Download java step 1: Download java for your system (i.e for 32 bit or 64 bit machine) step 2: Open Terminal and go to path where java is downloaded. it may be in downloaded to ~/Downloads. so cd ~/Downloads step 3: now we will create directory called ‘java’ in /usr. sudo mkdir /usr/java step 4: Now we will move ...

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