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This following command worked for me when I tested in my machine. echo "This is the message body" | mutt -a "/path/to/file.to.attach" -s "subject of message" -- recipient@domain.com So probably the approach to follow will be something like, tar -zcf /home/blah/backup.tgz /home/blah/ echo "Please find attached the backup file" | mutt -a ...


If you do not plan to change the data just mount it read-only. (This sounds fine for taking a backup.) If you do plan to change the data, e.g. for running a test against it, then a read-write snapshot is what you want. Pretty straightforward. :)


Something like this with httrack will do what you want. $ httrack \ 'http://unix.stackexchange.com/users/20661/rubo77?tab=activity&sort=all' \ -* +*question* -r2 This won't proceed past the first page of pagination of that page. You could likely modify it so that it could. It could also be looped through the pagination pages too. The above ...


AFAIK duplicity can't do a backup of a remote directory to a local directory. I solve the problem in two steps. On the backup server do: Run rsync over ssh using ssh keys to sync the remote directory to a local directory rsync -avz -e ssh user@remote:/remote/directory local_directory Run duplicity from one directory to another. Use asymmetric GnuPG keys, ...

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