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Add the foreign option to AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE in This will tell autotools that you are not following GNU coding standards, and Automake will not create the usual GNU project text files, including the AUTHORS, COPYING, INSTALL, NEWS, README, and ChangeLog files. The automatic creation of these files is really fairly useless. You can always create ...


What OS? Likely your system does not have all or some of the gettext system, namely the development portions. In many distributions, e.g. Debian/Ubuntu, gettext is separated into multiple packages: gettext-base and gettext. The gettext-base package is for running programs which are multi-lingual, while gettext has the necessary parts for building.


The cause of the problem was the -f i.e. --force tag to autoreconf. The man page for it states: "consider all files obsolete" which is a bit vague, so I couldn't initially connect it to my problem. Its html manual entry is even more misleading: Remake even configure scripts and configuration headers that are newer than their input files ( ...


error: pyxpcom/PyXPCOM.h: No such file or directory You need PyXPCOM. It's not currently in Ubuntu. There are a couple of old PyXPCOM PPAs, you could try them, but both haven't been updated since maverick so they might not work. Otherwise, build PyXPCOM from source. But first, check if PyXPCOMext (which you can get in binary form) is sufficient for your ...

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