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Technically speaking, the only characters that are explicitly disallowed are / and \0 (the NUL byte) since these have special meanings. However, there are some conventions that people tend to use for convenience's sake. For example, you noticed that people prefer not to use spaces and instead use _. This is because a spaces are word delimiters on *nix ...


Upper and Lower Case Upper case, lower case, and mixed case are all fine for file names. If some users have a preference for lower case names, it is just because it is faster to type lower case. Spaces Spaces are fine in file names with one caveat: such file names require more care when writing shell scripts. A basic tutorial on this subject is here. ...


Upper and lower case - note *nix like OS'es allows ThisFile and thisfile to exist in the same folder. This is not possible e.g. on a vfat or ntfs filesystem (and quite a number of other older filsystems).


Nautilus has these features. sudo yum -y install nautilus Launch nautilus and there will be a magnifying glass in the top right corner, this can be used to search for files. Navigate to your MP3 folder and select Edit->Preferences and select the "List Columns" tab. Select "Bitrate" and close. [EDIT] It appears this is an Ubuntu specific ...


The problem was the IOMMU implementation on my chipset. Apparently the combination of the IOMMU and my audiocard didn't work, after disabling the IOMMU in EFI it magically worked.

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