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if you was installed the ATI Catalyst driver please remove it and follow this guide for installing the ATI open source driver How do I install the X.org Radeon/ATI driver? some ATI graphic devices are multi-gpu and you should enable switchable graphic mode in your system bios


I'm sorry, but this moment, the r128 is no longer supported by ATi (it's supported in Debian Squeeze, which is still under maintenance but very outdated). However, you can enable some hardware acceleration by using the open source driver xserver-xorg-video-r128 plus the non-free firmware r100_cp.bin contained in firmware-linux-nonfree package.


I've solved. I looked the log: backup framebuffer data, that it means that it changes framebuffer. I've thinked: "The framebuffer doesn't work maybe?". So I have try to change framebuffer using this: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Uvesafb and now it works. And I think this is also the only way, for ATI proprietary drivers, to really change TTY ...


ATI drivers are terrible on Linux. Try other driver versions, x and kernel too. Eventually it will work, but don't expect radeon to be stable at all. Everybody I know get continous X crashes or some artefacts, and performance is not better too.

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