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The at jobs do not appear in bash_history. Apparently once the jobs are run, they vanish. If you want to keep logs, you can add echo 'some comment' > ~/at.log lines manually.


Maybe the bash history is useful for you; see the file .bash_history in your home directory. To query the bash history, just use the command history (see the bash reference guide, ch. 9.2), together with grep if neccesary. (Edited - removed content regarding pending at jobs).


| pipes the output to the standard input of the next command, not to its command line arguments. To remove all queued jobs, run at -l | awk '{print $1}'| xargs at -r alternatively, you can use at -r $( at -l | awk '{print $1}' ) $( ... ) is replaced by the output of the commands it contains. See also this related question. Please note, that this ...

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