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If you use Dial command with 'g' option, if CALLED hangup you will go to next priority after dialled If CALLER hangup you will go 'h' extension in same context, but you will be NOT able say something to caller.


Also you can use system with awk: awk ' command = "asterisk -rx '\''soft hangup " $1 "'\''" { system(command); }' channels_file just for testing: awk ' command = "asterisk -rx '\''soft hangup " $1 "'\''" { print command; }' channels_file


cat 3-column-file-of-yours.txt | awk '{ sprintf "asterisk -rx \'soft hangup SIP/%s-channel\'\n",$1; }' | /bin/bash Play with number of slashes near \' if you'll have trouble with the string and feel free to ask questions!


You need kernel-devel package for this kernel: 2.6.32-042stab102.9 Try install vzkernel-devel. Also you can ask your VZ provider support about source of kernel they use.

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