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First of all, using /dev identifiers for these purposes is generally a BadIdeaâ„¢ since the disk letter can change (if you have more than one disk). See the Arch wiki entry on persistent block device naming. Second, Gummiboot is a dead project and while it is still an option to use it, you should consider moving to systemd-bootd (which is actually just ...


The correct way to delete a package is pacman -R package-name. To delete everything, including modified configuration files and dependencies you may have pulled in with a tool such as yaourt or packer, run pacman -Rns package-name. In this respect, AUR packages are no different from native packages.


When you did the ls -il /usr/bin, you were listing file names and matching inode numbers. In this context, it's probably best to think of "file name" as separate from "inode", and to think of the inode as the file. The "inode" is typically an on-disk data structure containing metadata (permissons, ownership, creation time, access time, etc) and the disk ...

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