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The i3 environment isn't usable in the case described because there's no way to get to a shell. This is a graphical environment (X also known as X11) running in one of Linux's virtual consoles. To switch to a text environment and get a shell, use controlalt together with a function-key for the number of the virtual console that you want to switch to. Most ...


May be you shoul try to add first start after boot, like this: [Timer] OnBootSec=15min OnUnitActiveSec=2m


As per the Manjaro Wiki entry on bootloader configuration: To deal with windows partitions, you will need to install the mtools and os-prober utilities: pacman -S mtools os-prober Then run the grub auto-update utility, which will now be able to access your windows partition update-grub Note: The config file /boot/grub/menu.lst is used by the old grub, ...


First, the b43-firmware package is kept within the AUR, the Arch User Repository. For how to install packages from the AUR, you should check the Arch wiki. Second, the command "pacman -Ss" searches packages as opposed to "pacman -S", which installs packages. Finally, you should check if b43-firmware or b43-firmware-classic better supports your card as can be ...

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