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There's no standard definition for “fully start”. If you come up with a definition, there may or may not be a way to detect it. If your definition of “fully start” is “wait until the application becomes idle, waiting for user input”, then you can trace its system calls and look how long it takes to start reading user input. strace -o myapp.strace -tt myapp ...


What do you mean by "app"? A GUI app? And which app? And what do you mean by "start up"? All programs pretty much start instantly — the delay is in the receiving the output.


If you know part of the name of a file you installed, e.g. studio, you can run locate studio The locate command finds files whose name contains the specified string. It uses an index which is updated every night (in a typical configuration; the index is updated by a cron job that calls updatedb with appropriate parameters), so you won't be able to locate ...


You could try sudo find / -name "studio.*". The way this command works is simple: sudo runs the find command as superuser (supersuser do) so you can check all the directories in the file system including the locked ones. find searches a given location (/ in our case) for a given file or directory. / is the parameter that dictates find where to search (in ...

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