Use the 'apache-httpd' tag instead! This tag is being retired. Questions about web servers in general should use the 'webserver' tag. You might be looking for 'tomcat' or 'apache-ant'. If your question is specifically about VirtualHosts, use 'apache-virtualhost'.

Apache is an HTTP server that has a large installation base within the UNIX & Linux community.

The server has already gone through several iterations, resulting in similar but not 100% compatible installations and configurations. Make sure to include the particular version number of the Apache version used, in the question.

Apache 2.4 ships with modern distros (state: 2014-10), but older versions (2.2, 2.0 are often included as well for compatibility reasons). Extensions (e.g. 'mod_wsgi`) are available as separately installable packages.

Apache is one of many projects maintained by the Apache Software Foundation.

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