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If you install the busybox binary, it includes the nohup command (this will require root access). Busybox may be present, but the command not symlinked, in which case you would need to use busybox nohup command. If busybox is not present, then the easiest way to install is with busybox installer. After that is installed (again, with root privileges), you ...


Android is based on the Linux kernel. That, and a very stripped-down BusyBox. All the rest of GNU/X11/Apache/Linux/TeX/Perl/Python/FreeCiv is not present on Android. Asking why Linux doesn't emulate Android is like asking why trucks don't emulate airplanes — after all they're both big vehicles with wheels at the bottom. Most Android applications are ...


It because the architecture of Android ist different and developed for mobile devices. Look at this for more informations.


It sounds to me like it's unable to mount the rootfs and the terminal interface you see is the init program giving up and just running a shell. You probably need to add a root= kernel parameter like you have in your grub config (note that the device may show up differently) probably something like -append root=/dev/sda (note that the partition shows up like ...

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