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The directories containing system libraries should to be referenced in /etc/ (If you change those then call ldconfig to update the corresponding binary database.) When you have per-application libraries stored elsewhere you need to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to one or more colon-separated directories containing these user libraries. export ...


Android and Linux are two different operating systems. You can't just take an executable from one and run it on the other. The first hurdle is the kernel. Android and Linux are based on the same kernel, but they have a few different features. In particular, Android provides binders, which only exist in the mainstream kernel (the one found in Linux ...


I could have it confirmed (thanks to the #toybox irc channel) that the issue was indeed a bug in toybox sed, which was supposed to have been solved, but Android M still ships with an outdated version of toybox. These are the links to the toybox mailing list (which alas, I had missed) where the issues had been discussed: ...


If you want to execute something from your current location, you need to write ./ before the command. In your case ./chrome Calling chrome directly would only work if the current directory is in the PATH environment variable.


The code that generates this file is in the unix_seq_show() function in net/unix/af_unix.c in the kernel source. Looking at include/net/af_unix.h is also helpful, to see the data structures in use. The socket path is always the last column in the output, and the Android kernel source matches the stock kernel in this respect. So unless I'm mistaken, that ...


I communicated with developer. This app does not pass through ICMP. In fact it allows just HTTP(S).

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