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You probably can not. They are different hardware platforms. Your phone is probably arm based and your desktop is probably x86 based.


The word “Linux” has two meanings. The most common meaning, by far, is the Linux operating system, also known as GNU/Linux or GNU/X11/Apache/Linux/TeX/Perl/Python/FreeCiv, which is an imitation of the Unix operating system. The word “Linux” can also mean the Linux kernel, which is the kernel of the Linux operating system. Android is a completely different ...


The LSB, POSIX, and the Single UNIX Specification all significantly involve userland. Simply using a kernel that is also used as the basis of a "unix-like", "mostly POSIX compliant" operating system -- GNU/Linux -- is not sufficient to make Android such as well. There are, however, some *nix-ish elements, such as the shell, which is a "largely compatible" ...


The solution in the end (inspired by @steeldriver) was to download this app from the play store because under Android KitKat you need to change the SELinux mode to permissive. A combination of that and apt-get install selinux-policy-default fixed the permission problems and LXDE now works great on my Sony Xperia Tablet Z


Technically, you can run an X server on Android. For a bare X11 server, see Play store: X Server for example. That could help with very special needs, like showing a plot window on fixed screen position with no window manager for example. You could run a full xsession on that display of course, but I think that is not too useful in most general cases. ...


Physically go to the remote_host and change the file owner to remote_user. sudo chown remote_user /path/to/file Then you should have permissions to copy the file.


I haven't looked in detail. The defconfig file was last editer 4 years ago; it's quite possible that some options have changed in the kernel source and nobody bothered to update this particular file. Try looking in the kernel logs to see if these options have disappeared. Compare with other msm*_defconfig, which have been updated more recently. The readme ...

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