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If you want to execute something from your current location, you need to write ./ before the command. In your case ./chrome Calling chrome directly would only work if the current directory is in the PATH environment variable.


The code that generates this file is in the unix_seq_show() function in net/unix/af_unix.c in the kernel source. Looking at include/net/af_unix.h is also helpful, to see the data structures in use. The socket path is always the last column in the output, and the Android kernel source matches the stock kernel in this respect. So unless I'm mistaken, that ...


I communicated with developer. This app does not pass through ICMP. In fact it allows just HTTP(S).


Actually USB tethering creates a symmetric connection between your phone and PC. The direction your traffic can go is only defined by the network interface configuration and the services running on each side. In order to let the traffic go from the phone to the PC, you could (for example): configure your PC to run DHCP and share its internet connection ...


Patching the libc binary seems to work: sed -i --binary -e 's/\/dev\/log/\/SLG\/log/' /lib/*/libc-*.so This causes programs to send syslog messages to /SLG/log instead of /dev/log (note the same length of the strings). However, I consider this a dirty hack and I really hope someone comes up with a better solution...

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