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According to Fedora Wiki, Fedora 8 is unsupported since 2009. Most packages are outdated, for example Bash, in Fedora 8 it's 3.2 and in modern distros, it's 4.2. Full list of packages in Fedora 8 is located here. And is it safe? Well, it depends on software running on your servers. I can suppose that devs had eliminated a large number of bugs in for example ...


I had a similar issue, and resolved it by temporarily setting SELinux to "permissive" on the server.


You can put them in a simple bash script. As an example we will use /root/startup.sh #!/bin/sh cap development unicorn:start cap development unicorn:stop cap development sidekiq:start cap development sidekiq:stop The make sure the script is executable: $ chmod +x /root/startup.sh Now you can run it and it will execute all the commands one after ...


Try using nobootwait or nofail as mount options in the fstab.

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