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By default, snd_rawmidi_open waits until the requested port is available. If you do not want this, add the SND_RAWMIDI_NONBLOCK flag (and reset it afterwards with snd_rawmidi_nonblock() if you want the read/write calls to be blocking).


There are 2 distinct midi systems: The alsa kernel subsytem takes care of physical devices, that can be connected to apps that use the alsa interface. The Jack midi system is more recent, and is more suited to transmit midi messages between jack apps. There are several utilities to connect both systems: a2j can replicate dynamically all alsa midi ports in ...


ALSA configures the sound card for the nearest supported sample rate. Which sample rates a sound card supports depends on the hardware. Anti-aliasing filters depend on the hardware.


When setting up a new Arch install I usually do the following: pacman -S alsa-utils Then fire up alsamixer with alsamixer Go to 'Master' then press M and then keep hitting the up key to bring the sound levels up. I do that for any other inputs I want like pcm etc. Then do speaker-test -c2 with the number being how many channels you want to test. ...


I ran into something similar after upgrading to 14.04 LTS. This Super User answer worked for me in VLC: Tools – Preferences - Select Input & Codecs option ... Look for "Skip the loop filter for H.264 decoding " or “Skip H.264 in-loop deblocking filter” and select ALL from the drop down list. Save the preference and play the video.

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