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The Master mixer control is whatever is implemented by your hardware. When you tell amixer to increment by 5 %, it just searches for some supported value that is nearest to what you want. Please note that the raw mixer values do not necessarily correspond to actual loudness as you perceive it, i.e., 5 % might not be the same relative change in loudness ...


There are some generic and driver-specific config files in /usr/share/alsa/init/, where you can specify settings like ENV{ppercent}:="75%" and ENV{pvolume}:="-20dB" (pvolume = playback volume, cvolume = capture volume, etc.). /usr/share/alsa/init/default should already contain those settings, so you can use it as an example. You can force ALSA to ...


You can get the number of sink Input with pactl command. $ pactl list sink-inputs ... Sink Input #7119 Driver: protocol-native.c Owner Module: 12 Client: 6298 Sink: 0 ... Properties: application.icon_name = "google-chrome" media.name = "Playback" application.name = "Chromium" ... Using this number(#7119), you specify the sink ...


This might be a silly answer, but could it be hardware ? Are you sure the headphone worked in Windows ? I've seen that the lenovo has a combo headphone/mic socket, and there are people who have reported problems using a headphone with it. The Lenovo community has a forum article describing an issue similar to yours here. With an answer here

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