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The message means that (for whatever reason) the checksums used to verify the source files (see Integrity on the Arch wiki) in the PKGBUILD are not matching the checksums produced by running sha512sum on the file makepkg downloaded. This could mean that someone has managed to make your computer download a different file than the person who created the ...


My solution is the following: go to Adobe's website and download the latest version (.tar.gz file): download flash player Unpack the downloaded files: tar xzvf /path/to/download/flash-player-archive.tar.gz Copy the flash lib to your plugin directory: cp /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/ If Iceweasel (or Firefox) was already open, restart it. ...


The update signatures aren't available yet; flashplugin-nonfree checks these to make sure the files being installed are OK (i.e. you're not downloading corrupted files). A bug already exists for this, you need to wait for the maintainer to react (or install the plugin manually).

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