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I am trying to configure my prompt in tcsh to make it multi-line (i.e having one line provide system info, and the next line the one where I type commands).

Currently I have the following:

set prompt="(remote) ${green}%n ${green}@ %m ${cyan}%~ ${white} ${end}"

I managed to make it multi-line by adding %{\n>%} at the end of it and other similar variations, but this messes my bindkeys

set prompt="(conda) ${green}%n ${green}@ %m ${cyan}%~ ${white} %{\n>%} ${end}"

Any thoughts on how to do this properly?

For reference, in case it matters, my bindkeys are:

bindkey "^n" history-search-forward
bindkey "^p" history-search-backward
bindkey "^r" i-search-back
bindkey "^s" i-search-fwd
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Maybe like explained here? – On a eu. Feb 4 '14 at 18:58

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