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Okay, so I just moved over to Ubuntu yesterday. I'm loving it and am trying to get the hang of everything. Yesterday everything seemed to look fine in terms of Google Chrome, but today everything is all Windows-XP styled. Text boxes don't pop out, it looks like I went back in time to 2008. I think I must have changed some setting.

What my Chrome looks like now.. (Please note the navigation bar and it's flat 1-D appearance.

   Notice navigation bar ontop

But this is what I'm used to. Any way I can switch back to this look?

                                    google chrome

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It's not clear what changed. Can you try and add more details and also get a better screenshot for the 2nd example? It's tiny and hard to even make it out, let alone any diffs. b/w it and the 1st window. – slm Nov 2 '13 at 7:34
The only difference I see is that the top Chrome window is maximized and the bottom one isn't. What do you mean by “Windows-XP styled”? I have used Windows XP, and I don't see how the top picture relates to it. – Gilles Nov 2 '13 at 23:25
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If I understand that correctly you are complaining about the GTK+ theme!? ;-)

Just open the settings of Chromium and click the button "Classic Theme" in the "Appearance" section. That should turn this silly "flat 1-D appearance" into the desired fancy-future-2D look and feel.

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