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I have a Windows 7 notebook from work, using which I would like to map a file share on my samba NAS when at home.

The NAS is meant to be fully open, and not require authentication at all:

security = user
client signing = auto
server signing = auto
map to guest = bad user
guest ok = yes

smbclient works fine. But when I map a network drive from the Win 7 notebook, I get messages such as "The specified server can not perform the requested operation."

From googling, it seems that this message means that Windows requires signing but the server does not support it (even though it is configured to do so, above). Indeed, the Windows settings include these, and I can't change them:

Microsoft network client: Digitally sign communications (always)
Microsoft network server: Digitally sign communications (always)

Is there any way to get it to map a share on my machine, or configure samba to work? (If necessary and samba can't do it, I'm even willing to spin up a Windows VM to mount my NAS, and then share it out again to my workplace's Windows notebook... but I'd prefer to do it within samba if possible).

Does samba need to be in a domain because it will perform server signing?

Does samba need to be in the same domain before it will work? Or can it be in a different domain from my workplace?

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