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What does readonly mean or do in this case? I have never seen or heard of it.

a="testString"; b=a; readonly b; b=25;

Also, would the final value of b at the end be 25?

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run it and see it.it will help you for sure in the long way. – user917279 Nov 1 '13 at 8:50

It makes the variable read only. From help readonly:

readonly: readonly [-aAf] [name[=value] ...] or readonly -p
    Mark shell variables as unchangeable.

    Mark each NAME as read-only; the values of these NAMEs may not be
    changed by subsequent assignment.  If VALUE is supplied, assign VALUE
    before marking as read-only.

      -a    refer to indexed array variables
      -A    refer to associative array variables
      -f    refer to shell functions
      -p    display a list of all readonly variables and functions

    An argument of `--' disables further option processing.

    Exit Status:
    Returns success unless an invalid option is given or NAME is invalid.

$b would still return "a". As an example:

$ a=1
$ a=2
$ readonly b=1
$ b=2
bash: b: readonly variable
$ echo "$b"
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