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In Wine website, i see different type of Operating system but cant find BOSS LINUX. in which category does it come? Is it called with an other name?

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BOSS appears to be derived from Debian, so the first thing you should do is check if WINE is already in their repositories -- it probably is:

apt-cache search wine

If not, you could try the debian one from the Wine site, but as it says:

Warning: These are beta packages This means they will periodically suffer from regressions, and as a result an update may break functionality in Wine. If the latest stable release of Wine (currently Wine 1.6) works for you, then you may not want to use these beta packages.

So don't bother with that unless you can't download Wine directly from the BOSS repositories. Unfortunately, if Wine is missing from the BOSS repositories, the version from the Wine site probably won't work.

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COULD I ADD A DEBIAN REPO IN BOSS? – user49418 Oct 31 '13 at 13:41
is my boss called debian unstable, sid, or wheezy? – user49418 Oct 31 '13 at 13:50
I don't know. There isn't much documentation on the BOSS site. 'unstable' refers to repos that are part of either 'sid' or 'wheezy'; i.e. there is a "sid unstable" and a "wheezy unstable". – goldilocks Oct 31 '13 at 14:01
ok thanks for the information – user49418 Nov 1 '13 at 1:22

As wikipedia says, BOSS is a Debian derivative, so maybe you can take Debian version of wine, if you really need an up-to-date one.

The BOSS' recommended version should be the one coming with BOSS, which are available on BOSS repository.

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COULD I ADD A DEBIAN REPO IN BOSS? – user49418 Oct 31 '13 at 13:41

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