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is there a way to convert month number to name?


2013-10-22 will become Oct 22

I don't have the GNU date and my OS is AIX.

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if you only need to map a few keys to values , just use an array


## cmdline argument is e.g. "2003-10-22"

### extract day, month and year into separate variables


# an array to look up th month-names
# since month-numbers start with 1, the first element in the array is invalid.
set -A monthnames invalid Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

## perform the lookup

## display "<Month> <DAY>"
echo ${MONTHNAME} ${DAY}
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With a recent enough version of ksh:

$ printf "%(%a %b %d %Y)T\n" 2013-10-22
Tue Oct 22 2013

(note that it is locale aware, in a Spanish locale for instance, it will output mar oct 22 2013)

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GNU date:

$ date -d 2013-10-22 '+%b %-d'
Oct 22

OS X and FreeBSD date:

$ date -jf %F 2013-10-22 '+%b %-d'
Oct 22

%b is an abbreviated month name and %B is a full month name.

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