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Is there an emacs org-mode to dokuwiki converter? Is there an dokuwiki to emacs org-mode converter?

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I was just looking for the same thing, found this question here, and also found a solution in the form of a Perl script on GitHub.

I've tried converting a short Org document and it went well.

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That script handles only bold and underline and one per line. You cannot have them first or last on the line. –  McNisse Jan 19 at 15:55

The generic exporter could be easily configured to export to dokuwiki. But I can't answer the "back" question. Very little converts to org at this point.

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I needed the same and have put together export backend, for org-mode 8.0 and above https://github.com/w-vi/ox-wk.el , it's not 100% ready yet but major stuff should work.

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