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I use the following config in my ssh config file:

Host host1
  Hostname host1
  User root 
  ForwardAgent yes 
  Port 22 
  ProxyCommand ssh -q user@host2 nc %h %p 

Is there a way to jump to a specific path when I connect using ssh host1?

I need this for shortening my rsync commands. For example instead of typing:

rsync dir1 host1:/var/www/dir0/dir1/

I want to type:

rsync dir1 host1

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As you seem to have root access to the remote box, you can add another user with the appropriate rights and a home directory at exactly that place.

This way you can leave out the path, because it's the home directory and you don't have to work as root.

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This can't be done to my knowledge in the ssh config file. However, if you ssh into host1 and edit root's .bashrc file, you can accomplish the same thing.

[root@host1] $ echo "cd /var/www/dir0/dir1/" >> ~root/.bashrc

Then exit and ssh back in to verify it works for you.

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