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installed linux mint on a netbook and was working fine until yesterday. When I go to netwrk icon at the bottom, all my ssid are missing and I now "Wireless Network device not ready" in grey.It looks like the wireless is disabled and I don't know how to enable it. I keep loading the nameserver to my resolv.conf but it keep losing it. After enabling wireless - it says "wireless network device not ready" Please help

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Sounds a bit like… (especially the editing of a file, which likely bears the notice that any edits are futile). Are you using NetworkManager? – peterph Oct 17 '13 at 13:24
Do you have a disable-wireless key on the keyboard? – derobert Oct 17 '13 at 13:28
Hey guys thanks for the help - but I've decided to reload a machine and now working fine, looks like the user fiddled a lot from frustration of connecting to internet. He probably confused the system. Thanks for taking part in this! – luclanpowr Oct 18 '13 at 6:19

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