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i have centos 5.9, with curl 7.15.5. i need curl 7.16.2+ .

i'm a novice webmaster...if that. but would like to try.

what are the commands to add a yum rpm repo so i can update the curl version, if this makes sense?

is his of any use:


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I doubt if it will work with the rpm:s you're linking to.

Downnload and install the sourcerpm, from that link, or get curl-7.27.0-12.fc18.src.rpm from fedora repos.

then get the yum-utils package and run:

sudo yum-builddep

then install the source package, rpmbuild it and you'll get the rpm needed.

You can do this on a separate build box.

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The easiest way is to just download the rpm directly and install it:

Let's take for example.


rpm -i

There may be dependencies for curl that you will need to update/install as well.

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