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I am trying to mirror a blogger site so that I can have an exact copy of it on my filesystem to view. I have tried issuing the following command on Linux:

wget -r -k -x -e robots=off --wait 1 http://your.site.here.blogspot.com/

I have even tried using the -D flag to list a comma-separated list of domanins to follow (would prefer to just follow any domain though without having to specify all of them). I have even tried changing the .com part of the URL to the top-level domain for my country (.it) (without which for some reason I don't understand and would like to know, wget retrieves only index.html and no other page, perhaps someone here can explain why).

So, even when I do a

wget -r -k -x -e robots=off --wait 1 http://your.site.here.blogspot.it/

several HTML and also the favicon.ico are downloaded but none of the .png images from blogger are downloaded. Why is this so and how can I get wget to work properly. I've read the wget man page but had no luck.


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Are you sure the .png images are hosted on http://your.site.here.blogspot.it/? Images uploaded to the Blogger service seem to be served from <number>.bp.blogspot.com instead, which would explain why wget won't fetch them. – jayhendren Oct 4 '13 at 0:38
Have you considered a User Agent change? some sites prevent images/pages from being parsed by different robots/tools. – Tyzoid Aug 20 '14 at 13:17

As jayhendren suggested, I had tried listing the domain bp.blogspot.com on the list following the -D flag. However what I forgot to do is add the -H flag. Why wget requires the extra -H flag to be added separately from the list of domains to follow with the -D flag is unclear to me, but it works. Here is the command I ultimately specified to mirror the Blogger site including the images served from the external domain:

wget --domains=blogspot.it,bp.blogspot.com -H --mirror -e robots=off \
  --wait 0.5 --convert-links http://yoursitehere.blogspot.it/

Note: this works from Italy. Convert .it to .com or to whatever other top-level domain if you want this to work from your location.


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Without error output of wget I can't tell what's the exact problem you have. But generally when downloading (or mirroring a website) with wget, I'll use the -mirror option like this:

wget --mirror -p --adjust-extension --wait 1 http://your.site.here.blogspot.it/
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Well, from the man page the -p option takes a parameter so this can't be right. Also, -e robots=off is required since the site I am mirroring would otherwise disallow mirroring through the robots.txt file. The -wait 1 option is so the server does not get overloaded. However the image files do not get downloaded. Try this on any blogspot.com site and see for yourself. Where am I going wrong? – John Sonderson Oct 4 '13 at 12:42

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