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I would like create a script in HP-UX to send in sftp with password. I have this command

sftp -o PasswordAuthentication=

but if I answer yes or no after, I have this issue "Host key verification failed"

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however you don't have paassword, but i think password is mandatory in this option. – PersianGulf Oct 3 '13 at 12:45
try adding -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no if security implications are acceptable... – jon Oct 3 '13 at 12:49
I'm probably misunderstanding the question, but PasswordAuthentication has a mandatory argument, you should probably use sftp -o PasswordAuthentication=yes ... . – peterph Oct 3 '13 at 14:33

If you have socat handy, there's this example in the manual that you could use.

   (sleep 5; echo PASSWORD; sleep 5; echo ls; sleep 1) |
   socat - EXEC:'ssh -l user server',pty,setsid,ctty

          EXEC’utes an ssh session to server. Uses a pty for communication
          between socat and ssh, makes it ssh’s controlling tty
          (ctty), and makes this pty the owner of a new process group 
          (setsid), so ssh accepts the password from socat.
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I think it would be better if you use passwordless authentication if you're using SFTP on a script. It is possible, I use it when SFTPing between IBM AIX boxes.

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It would be better to use public/private key authentication, but in case you still want to use the password in your plain text script, I would use lftp. It is a great client that allows ftp, sftp, ftps connections, you will only need to use 'here document' for the complete transaction:

lftp sftp://your.destination.sftp -u yourUser,YourPassword << fin
    get yourfile
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you can try below sftp script with using username,password and destip.

spawn sftp username@destip
expect "username@destip's password:"
send "passwd\n"
expect "sftp>"
send "get filename\n"
expect "sftp>"
send "bye\n"
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