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I want to create a custom live distribution of Fedora. I am using Fedora 19 live CD on VirtualBox on Windows (64bit Macbook Pro) to do this. I have tried following on Fedora 19 32 bit, Fedora 19 64 bit and Fedora 18 64 bit with same result:

Revisor (Create Your Own Fedora Distribution with Revisor) - this freezes on "Loading Repositories". I have also tried using the following command and it got stuck in loading repositories at 18%:

revisor --cli --config=/etc/revisor/revisor.conf --model=f19-x86_64 \
--kickstart=/livecd/fedora-live-base.ks --respin \
--live-usb-thumb --live-shell

livecd-creator - I used the following command and it just froze (I kept it running for half an hour but nothing happened)

livecd-creator --config=/root/fedora-live-base.ks --fslabel=Fedora-LiveCD --cache=/var/cache/live

mock (How to create a Fedora install ISO for testing) also freezes on "Start: yum update"

I have checked my internet connection and that is working fine. Can anyone please suggest any solutions or alternatives to this?

Update: I tried the command livecd-creator on Fedora 19 32-bit as follows:

livecd-creator --verbose --config =/livecd/fedora-live-desktop.ks --fslabel=Fedora-LiveCD --cache=/var/cache/live

I can see it is retrieving many packages but randomly (I tried 5 times) gets stuck at one of the packages like gnome-* (like gnome-calculator, gnome-keyring, etc.)

Any idea what is happening???

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In the end, I gave up on VirtualBox. I installed Fedora 19 on VMWare Workstation and the commands worked fine.

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Glad that you got it worked in VMWare. But since your question was concerned with VirtualBox, you can add this answer as an edit to your question rather than posting as an answer. – Ramesh Apr 8 '14 at 23:14
This does not provide an answer to the question. To critique or request clarification from an author, leave a comment below their post. – slm Apr 8 '14 at 23:19

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