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I am new to all that server based stuff. New to Postfix and new to Ubuntu.
I have an Ubuntu v-server with Postfix, PHP and MySQL installed. Also I have an own domain.

So far, I managed to receive any mail, that is sent to anything@domain.com, and save those directly into my DB.
That I managed to do with this little howto: Triggering a PHP script when your Postfix server receives a mail.

But now my big problem is, that I need to receive mails by bis servers like iTunes or so. Unfortunately, because I have no users on my Postfix server (what is meant to be!, because I really want to receive and save any mail), iTunes and so, wont send me mails, due to recipient address verification, like mentioned in Postfix Address Verification Howto.

I think, because i filter every mail sent to my server, the verifications test by the iTunes server doesn't get an answer and so doesn't hesitate to mark that mail address unverified.

Is there a way to answer to any verification requests as verified?

I don't know if that makes sense, so please correct me if I'm wrong.

I really appreciate any kind of help.

edited: I think, the easiest way to solve my problem is, to just allow postfix to receive the mails normally too and not filter them. what i mean is, when someone sends me an email, i so far, trigger a php script as soon as a mail arrives, and filter it to my db, so it doesn't arrive on any mail account. how do i not filter, but keep going the normal process too?

i filter the mails the way like exlained in the howto: triggering a php script, mentioned above.

or just tell me, if, if i use that kind of filtering, big servers like iTunes, when checking recipient verification, still send you mails, or if they stop.

do you have any experience with that?

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Indeed your task do in MDAs not at MTA, postfix is MTA, for example dovecot MDA has a directive for do it : mail_location, but stop, for store emails in server, emails couln't store in DB, Postfix has a good solution for you:u


please google it, you can write plugin for postfix with sieve.before it, MTAs uses procmail and maildrop for writing module , but it was bad idea.

You can read roadmap of an email an how to reacieve and store it in db such as mysql, it's easy.

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thank you for your answer. i googled sieve, but it seems not to be what im looking for. i have already a way to save anything in a db. by triggering a php script when i receive a mail. i think, the easiest way for me to solve my problem, would be, to trigger a php script like i do so far, but also receive any mail sent, the way it should be sent normally. so that i dont filter, but just kind of copy mails. is there a way to trigger the php file and also keep receiving the mail? – eliStraw Oct 1 '13 at 18:07

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