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I am new to system administration and we are trying to install QEMU emulator, GCC for ARM and GDB to communicate with the QEMU/ARM program being executed in RHEL. I was having troubles installing the software and I resolved it with the help of my previous question. Now, I believe I have installed all the required software in RHEL environment. However, to test the setup if it is working, I need to run the following command.

qemu-system-arm -S -s -M versatilepb -daemonize -m 128M -d in_asm,cpu,exec -kernel hello_world.bin ; gdb-multiarch --batch --command=hello_world.gdb

I believe before running the command I need to do something with the startup.s and memmap file. In the instructions manual for lab setup, I see the instruction as "Assemble the test program (startup.s)". I am not sure how to do this step.

EDIT: The contents of startup.s are from this program.

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