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I'm trying to produce this behaviour:

grep 192.168.1 *.txt

By passing a string into grep via Xargs but it is going on the end instead of as the first parameter.

echo 192.168.1 | xargs grep  *.txt

I need to tell xargs (or something similar) to put the incoming string between 'grep' and '*' instead of on the end.

How do I do this?

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$ echo 192.168.1. | xargs -I{} grep {} *.txt


Sample files:

$ cat {1..3}.txt

Example run:

$ echo 192.168.1. | xargs -I{} grep {} *.txt
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Another approach:

find . -name \*.txt -print0 | xargs -0 grep 192.168.1

This will not overflow the shell's command line length with too many file names. To avoid confusing xargs/grep with file names that have spaces, -print0 and -0 options will delineate each found name with a null rather than a LF.

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