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When attaching to the same tmux sessions from multiple computers using ssh and tmux attach, my screen looks like:

$>              |........

I was wondering if there is a command to get rid of the viewport

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Probably the width/height (colums/rows) of the "original" terminal form which you launched te tmux session is lower than that of the terminal you're attacching from. Personally I don't use tmux, but that happens to me with screen when I launch from a 80x25 terminal and then I attach from another terminal with 80x50 columns/rows.

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Ya, I was wondering if its possible without detaching the other sessions to get rid of the viewport. Adding screen tag since it seems related. – kriegar Mar 12 '11 at 11:04
I had a similar issue. I realized that I was connected to my tmux session on two different terminal windows, so tmux was using the dimensions of the smaller window. Once I detached from the 2nd window, the active tmux window automatically readjusted to use all the space. – guacamoly Oct 21 '15 at 20:28

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