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I want to monitor three server pages. These three pages contain a simple text (for example it says it's "working fine"). I want to be notified when anything other than this message is displayed, e.g. via email.

I want shell scripting code for displaying the status of the three pages in an html file.

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if your pages are proper HTML-pages and you do not want to parse that, you might want to use lynx (the old-school text-base browser) for rendering the HTML into plaintext first (using the --dump flag):

for lnk in http://foo.example.com \
           http://bar.example.com \
   lynx --dump "${lnk}" \
   | grep "working fine" \
   || mailx -s "${lnk} failed" you@example.com
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You could use either curl or wget along with bash to accomplish what you want.

$ wget -O- http://example.com | grep "working fine" || mailx -s "Oh NO" you ...
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