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I would like to get a list of pid's which hold shared lock on /tmp/file. Is this possible using simple command line tools?

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From man lsof:

   FD         is the File Descriptor number of the file or:
              FD is followed by one of these characters, describing the mode under which the file is open:

              The mode character is followed by one of these lock characters, describing the type of lock applied to the file:

                   R for a read lock on the entire file;
                   W for a write lock on the entire file;
                   space if there is no lock.

So R in 3uR mean that read/shared lock is issued by 613 PID.

#lsof /tmp/file
perl    613 turkish    3uR  REG    8,2        0 1306357 /tmp/file
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fuser /tmp/file will list all processes which have the file open, including those that have a lock on it.

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Yes, and lsof is also aware of that but flock can refuse locking, or pid could wait for lock after file opening. – mpapec Sep 14 '13 at 11:33

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