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Disclaimer 1: Crossposted from Serverfault because there was no activity over there.

Disclaimer 2: This question is similar to Automounting not working correctly for CIFS shares; weird results but not exactly the same.

The Setup:

Running CentOS most recent stable (6.4) connecting to CIFS share from EMC VNXe SAN.

Using AutoFS configured using this method: http://www.fedoraforum.org/forum/showthread.php?t=240811

Synopsis of config:

  1. Install autofs

  2. Comment out entire /etc/auto.master

  3. Create new /etc/auto.cifs file with contents similar to auto.smb (full contents at link above)

  4. chmod 755 /etc/auto.cifs

  5. Add line /etc/auto.master: /mnt /etc/auto.cifs --timeout=0

  6. Create file /etc/auto.smb.fileserver01 with credentials: username=domain/username password=password (also tried without domain, exact same symptoms)

  7. chmod 400 /etc/auto.smb.fileserver01

  8. Add fileserver01 to /etc/hosts

I have supplied AutoFS with a full Domain Admin account for initial build and testing.

The Problem

The CIFS share mounts in /mnt/fileserver01 and I can see the contents of the share's root directory, but when I try to navigate inside any of the directories I receive the message:

bash: cd: /mnt/fileserver01/sharename: No such file or directory

There aren't any particular errors showing up inside /var/log/messages.

Note: I'm new to Linux server administration, dusting off 10-year-old weekend classes in Debian CLI, so for answers and questions please be explicit in what I need to enter into the terminal.

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