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I have a usability problem with the "Open file" dialog.

The questions would be:

  • Is there any way out? E.g. can I disable the autocomplete?
    Otherwise, I might post a bug report..
  • Why does this happen?
    Which package / component is responsible for this dialog?
    (so I know where to report it)


I'm on LMDE (Linux Mint Debian Edition) with Cinnamon. The problem happens in the "Open file" dialog i get in GEdit, Chromium, etc.
I don't know which exact package is responsible for the Open file dialog - Cinnamon, Gnome, Nemo or something else. Maybe someone could confirm if this happens in other distros / desktops.
Thus, I also don't know if this is better suited for unix.stackexchange or for askubuntu.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Hit Ctrl+O in an application (browser, gedit, other) to open the "Open file" dialog.
    -> The dialog contains a file browser area, and at the top, a text field for file name / path.
    -> focus is on the text field.
  • Click into the file browser area
    -> this will set the focus on the file browser area
  • Start typing
    -> this will search in the list of files in the file browser area
  • Hit the up/down arrow keys
    -> this will move the current selection up and down in the file browser area
  • When a directory is selected, hit Enter
    -> this will let the dialog dive into that folder.
    -> PROBLEM: Now the focus is back on the text field!
    -> A dropdown with autocomplete suggestions appears.
  • Start typing.
    -> this will type in the text field, instead of searching in the file browser
  • Hit TAB.
    -> this will select an autocomplete option, instead of jumping to the file browser
  • Hit the down arrow key.
    -> This will go down into the autocomplete dropdown, instead of to the file browser area.

This is all quite painful to me. I like to focus on the file browser area, but the dialog won't let me :(

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