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i have many files and folders that extracted from many rar from jdownloader, and deleted after extract, some of it names are:

�������[�ς݂��ς݂� - �Ȃ񂾂��ꂭ������ (invalid encoding)
�R�e���} (invalid encoding)
??? - ? ??? ? 
���΂ɂ����� (invalid encoding)

i know that those name should be korean, chinese/taiwanese or japanese. and i know that we could convert those files using convmv -f enc_from -t enc_to but how to guess the current encoding of those files?

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It is generally impossible to automatically guess the encoding of an 8-bit Asian filename since every octet is valid in most codepages. You've chosen the right tool 'convmv' and now you have some trial and error to go through. – msw Sep 8 '13 at 11:26

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