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I'm using Debian Wheezy hosted on W7 in Virtualbox. I needed to enlarge root partition then added a new virtual disk to virtual machine. Doing the steps mentioned below brings me to grub prompt. I:

  • Added new virtual disk
  • Formatted and mounted
  • Created PV
  • Added to same VG with root partition
  • Extended root partition LV with lvextend
  • Resized the file system.

Everything went well and I checked that with df command and lvscan but after reboot I couldn't boot the system. What point have I missed and how to recover the system?

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Moderator, please add this to comments (I don't have enough rep to comment).

Step 2 "Formatted and mounted" should not have been necessary. Update your post with the following information: What exact commands did you use for each step? What type of fs is the root filesystem? Can you share the output that you are seeing during bootup?

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