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So I managed to install Debian 5 on an eBox 3300MX (an embedded type computer). I added a custom kernel after getting a basic install done. That was to get the network card to work. After that, I finished with installing, since I was doing a net install, and it worked fine. However, since then, I am unable to get the Debian to use the network card again. The only thing I can think of is that the Kernel updated during the install. I tried booting into the previous working kernel, and that did not work either. I get the error "No network devices found."

However, I can open Network Tools and view devices, and I see the network card, with its MAC address and other info. I have it listed in etc/network/interfaces as auto. Thus, I don't understand why it does not want to work. I'm not really sure what other info is relevant, so please comment and let me know.

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It turns out that during the first update I did (apt-get install ntp), that ifupdown was removed. Since I did not immediately reboot, I was able to continue with the net install following this. I discovered this by completely installing Debian again, and carefully looking through the operations during that update (well, and the help of someone who knows much more about Linux than I do). Anyways, all it took to get going again was apt-get install ifupdown and now everything is good.

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Try out this guide from the debian forum.
Looks like the driver from the manufacturer held low quality and was therefor thrown out at some point.

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