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I'm using the following script to dump my database. it works great. I want to add functionality that it first checks if a database table is already dumped or not, if a dump exists then it should be skipped and move to the next table.


[ -n "$DIR" ] || DIR=.
test -d $DIR || mkdir -p $DIR

echo "Dumping tables into separate SQL command files for database '$DB' into dir=$DIR"


for t in $(mysql -NBA -h $DB_host -u $DB_user -p$DB_pass -D $DB -e 'show tables')
    echo "DUMPING TABLE: $t"
    mysqldump -h $DB_host -u $DB_user -p$DB_pass $DB $t  > $DIR/$t.sql
    (( tbl_count++ ))

echo "$tbl_count tables dumped from database '$DB' into dir=$DIR"
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You seem to know how to check if a directory exists already. Do you need anything else than to check if a file exists? – Mat Aug 17 '13 at 7:01
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Change this block of the code:

echo "DUMPING TABLE: $t"
mysqldump -h $DB_host -u $DB_user -p$DB_pass $DB $t  > $DIR/$t.sql
(( tbl_count++ ))

To this:

echo "DUMPING TABLE: $t"
if [ -e "$DIR/$t.sql" ]; then
  echo "TABLE $DIR/$t.sql exists, skipping..."
  mysqldump -h $DB_host -u $DB_user -p$DB_pass $DB $t  > $DIR/$t.sql
(( tbl_count++ ))
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Thanks a lot .... – K.K Patel Aug 18 '13 at 8:04

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