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On the latest FreeBSD installation, how can I make a partition have both /var/ and /tmp/ as a mount point? That is, one partition would contain /var/ and /tmp/. Is that even possible? I know of course that a mount point of / will contain everything not specified, but can I specifically say /dev/ad0p3/ has /tmp/ and /var/ as a mount point?

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You can use one of these 2 techniques for doing this. They're highlighted in this post titled: Mount multiple directories to the same partition?.

Method #1

Boot from another system (e.g. a LiveCD) and mount your /var partition and do this as root:

cd /mnt/var
mkdir -m755 .newvar
mv * .newvar # won't try to move .newvar because it begins with a period
mv .newvar var # rename .newvar to var
mkdir -m1777 tmp # make a tmp dir

Now specify a mountpoint for the entire partition in your /etc/fstab:

/mnt/ignore_me/var /var none bind
/mnt/ignore_me/tmp /tmp none bind

Method #2

Keep mounting the /var partition as you are currently, but do this as root:

cd /var
mkdir -m1777 .tmpdir # make a hidden /var/.tmpdir

NOTE: notice that /var/tmp is something different.

Add the following to your /etc/fstab, after the lines that mount /var:

/var/.tmpdir /tmp none bind
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