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Here is the situation, I am running a command (my own executives), in bash shell (Ubuntu), say something like this:

[newbie@office currentCaseAFolder]$ FEMSolver &

So that the FEMSolver job is now running in backend, and let's say it needs around five to ten minutes. But I have more than one cases. so

[newbie@office currentCaseAFolder]$ cd ../currentCaseBFolder
[newbie@office currentCaseBFolder]$ FEMSolver &
[newbie@office currentCaseBFolder]$ cd ../currentCaseCFolder
[newbie@office currentCaseCFolder]$ FEMSolver &
[newbie@office currentCaseCFolder]$ cd ../currentCaseDFolder
[newbie@office currentCaseDFolder]$ FEMSolver &
[newbie@office currentCaseDFolder]$ cd ../../postprocessingFolder

After a coffee time, I come back, and hit return key, some simulations have finished. so it will show me

[2]  + Done           FEMSolver &
[4]  + Done           FEMSolver &
[newbie@office postprocessingFolder]$ 

But this does not give me the clear information from which folder the job was sent!! I hope it could somewhere and somehow be customized to have this effect:

[2]  + Done           FEMSolver &  (from folder currentCaseBFolder)
[2]  + Done           FEMSolver &  (from folder currentCaseDFolder)
[newbie@office postprocessingFolder]$

Any ideas?

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You could wrap the cd and the FEMSolver into a backgrounded subshell, like so:

(cd currentCaseAFolder; FEMSolver) &

When they finish running you will messages something like the ones below.

[2]+  Done                    ( cd currentCaseBFolder; FEMSolver)
[4]+  Done                    ( cd currentCaseDFolder; FEMSolver)
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Oh yes, Good idea!! Thanks – Daniel Aug 11 '13 at 3:26

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