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I am looking for an example for a nautilus (file manager) connect to service custom location.

$ nautilus

Activate connection editor:

File>Connect To Server...>

I am looking for an example or two for "Location" in the pop up:

Service Type: [Custom Location]
Location: [???]
[x] Add bookmark
Bookmark name: [xyz]

Service Type values are:

  • SSH -FTP (with login)
  • Public FTP
  • Windows Share
  • WebDAV (HTTP)
  • Secure WebDAV (HTTPS)
  • Custom Location
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This isn't clear enough for me to understand. – Tshepang Mar 4 '11 at 18:55
@Tshepang: I have a clue as to what the possible meaning is for all of the Service Type values except "Custom Location" so, I am looking for an example. – C.W.Holeman II Mar 5 '11 at 5:09

From the nautilus user guide:

If the server information is provided in the form of a URI, or you require a specialized connection, choose Custom Location as the service type.

I have no idea what that actually entails. I tried smb and ftp servers and was told I must enter a name for the server. Maybe someone else knows more.

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