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I've got a local network with a shared drive mounted to it, all machines running Fedora (and some Windows).

When we want to share a file, there is no easy way of just getting a link for the file like in windows, but rather I need to get the directory first, and then append the filename at the end i.e smb://server/share/files/Documentation.odt

That in itself is cumbersome, but the problem occurs when a filename has spaces in it, then the link that is sent by e-mail is rendered totally useless and looks something like this:

smb://server/share/files/Set Up Documentation.odt

Is there anything that I could do in order to have a simple maybe right-click solution which gives me the link of the file to send in an e-mail (preferably a non-terminal solution).

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What do you use to send the email? – drs Jul 23 '13 at 15:31
Spaces in URLs can be encoded; so a file name 20% better would end up as smb://server/path/20%25%20better. (The ASCII code for the percent sign is 0x25 and space is 0x20.) – tripleee Jul 23 '13 at 16:25

Nevermind, problem solved. All I had to do was CTRL+C on the file itself, and then paste it into the e-mail.

Silly question

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