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totem is not playing mkv videos which have ASS subtitles, each time I open a mkv video with totem I get this error:

GStreamer encountered a general stream error.

Also these videos doesn't have a thumbnail.

I actually don't use totem for playing these videos, they're playing fine with mplayer but I miss the thumbnails, is there another way to generate the thumbnails without totem being able to playing them or it would be easier to get totem working?

When I play the video from the terminal I get this:

** (totem:22124): WARNING **: chapters: failed to load CMML file file:///home/vicfred/Desktop/video.cmml: Error opening file: No such file or directory
No accelerated IMDCT transform found
** Message: Error: GStreamer encountered a general stream error.
matroska-demux.c(4492): gst_matroska_demux_loop (): /GstPlayBin2:play/GstURIDecodeBin:uridecodebin0/GstDecodeBin2:decodebin20/GstMatroskaDemux:matroskademux0:
stream stopped, reason not-negotiated
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