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Is there any Gnu/Linux distribution that provides by default an Hadoop installation?

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Not sure of a stand-alone Linux distribution but you can get a VM with pre-installed Hadoop here:



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There is no GNO or linux distribution with hadoop.

What can be done is to use a pre-configured sandboxes from cloudera and hortonworks.

Second, what would be even more good if u set-up a standalone on your local. Although this is pretty tiring may be , as it might take a lot of your time. But from my experience it gives a better understanding of the ecosystem.

There are several tutorials available to to that. just search bogotobogo on google. I liked this tutorial.

Also once hadoop deployment is done successfully, do try your hands on Spark. Its fun and great learning once you see its processing power.

All the best!!

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There is no "distribution" per se but you can give the ambari project a try. It's an apache project that is a set of automated scripts and related plumbing to install and monitor a Hadoop installation. You even get a web based gui with it that you can use to monitor your install and restart:stop services etc. It'll even let you do a clustered install. Try it.

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