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I am using dual screen mode. I can use the mouse in the remote GUI applications like emacs, but it only works if mouse is located within screen 1(where windows 'start' button is located). When I move the GUI screen to the screen 2 and try to move the mouse over the application window, the window keeps running away to screen 1. Only way to keep it stay in position is to make it fullscreen in screen 2, but it still doesn't respond to any mouse event. This doesn't seem to work in any other remote GUI applications. Anyone know the reason for this??

I find it inconvenient because I can't use my mouse in remote GUI emacs window when I put it in my second screen. I'm trying to get used to using only keyboard, but sometimes using mouse is convenient, for example, when it comes to scrolling the screen, etc. I couldn't find the answer even through hours of searching, so I thought I'd ask this site, hoping there are people who already faced and solved the question.

I'm not sure this site is the most proper site to ask questions of this sort, but as the connecting host is Ubuntu, I thought I'd ask here.

I tried Xshell and putty as my ssh client, but both show the same behavior. And I also tried different servers running Ubuntu or Redhat, but still the same.

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