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Apparently there is a function (getpwnam) that given a username, will return the appropriate entry in /etc/passwd with the other details for that user (shell, uid, gid, etc.).

However, I have no idea how to get that function working with the shadow password file (/etc/shadow). Is this possible? If it helps, the application will be running as root.

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The whole point of the shadow password file is that getpwnam doesn't return passwords from it. You need to look at man 3 shadow and getspnam in particular.

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That is not possible due to 2 reasons:

  • The shadow file is one method of authentication in modern system. Some of them does not involve real password at all - what should return if user is authenticated by fingerprint? Why should it break any application?
  • Giving the hashed string for non-root application would enable off-line attacks.

It is system-specific file anyway with no so much complicated structure so if you need it you can write your own parser.

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