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background - Winexe program — remotely executes commands on WindowsNT/2000/XP/2003 systems from GNU/Linux

  • I run the winexe on my linux machine red-hat 5.1 , linux machine connected to WIN XP PC

From winexe documentation (https://lbtwiki.cern.ch/bin/view/Online/WinExe ) not clearly if domain name is mandatory or maybe we can run winexe only with login and password names

My target is to find way that I can use winexe tool without set the domain name in winexe syntax

remark - I have WIN XP , this PC defined as WORKGROUP ( without domain name )

Please advice if it possible? ( because my WIN PC not have domain name – ( WORKGROUP station )

winexe syntax

 winexe -U [Domain/]User%Password //host command

 domain name – Cellcom
 login – SDnet
 password - w5frdlpp

Real example:

./winexe -U  Cellcom/SDnet%w5frdlpp  // "ipconfig"

Requested example - this is what I need

  • – but this example not works ( domain not defined in winexe syntax )

./winexe -U SDnet%w5frdlpp // "ipconfig"

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