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Ok, so at my house I have three computers, and I frequently enjoy using ssh and scp to run commands that allow me to do wonderful things. Primarily transferring downloaded files, and running media remotely (music, video etc.). Usually I use the arp -a command to determine which other computers are on my network, but this only shows the local IP's. I often forget the users that exist on my other machines, and I would like to be able to:

have a command that shows me the users of a remote computer either by network or IP address

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You can use ssh to execute a command the the remote host.
E.g. the w or the who command.

ssh username@otherhost.domain.tld who

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You can run rwhod on each node. Then run rwho on any node to list users on other nodes.

rwho and rwhod are part of the Linux netkit, so most likely it's already packaged with your distribution. Just install it.

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