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It may be a silly question but in Windows I used ShiftAltTab to switch back between my open windows, that is go back to previous windows.

Unfortunately, it is not working in Gnome. I have even used AltTabLeft but with no success.

So how can I do the same in Gnome on RHEL6?

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Sounds like something potentially with your keyboard or your installation. I use both of the following in Gnome:

  • Alt+Tab to cycle from left to right
  • Alt+Shift+Tab to cycle from right to left

This article is Ubuntu specific but should be applicable to your situation on RHEL6 non the less.


Double check that the preferences are set so that moving right to left is configured correctly for the key combo mentioned above:

   ss of gconf-editor

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It was disabled there, I made it <Alt><Shift>Tab, but still it didn't work. I changed the keyboard layout (language) switch shortcut from Alt+Shift to Ctrl+Shift as were suggested in the comments in the link you provided, I don't know how they can be related but it started to work. – easl Jun 27 '13 at 11:30
And now, ironically enough, ctrl+shift+tab to switch back between browser's tabs stopped to work :) – easl Jun 27 '13 at 11:30

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